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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What is the MLS?

2. Will The Realty Dot place my home in the correct MLS?

3. What is Realtor.com ®?

4. What if I sell my property myself?

5. Will other Real Estate Agents show my home to their prospects?

6. Will agents with buyers boycott my listing because I am saving so much money?

7. How do Real Estate Agents show my home?

8. What happens if a Real Estate Agent contacts The Realty Dot directly?

9. May a buyer contact me directly after a Real Estate Agent shows my home to them?

10. Will a yard sign be provided?

11. Can I cancel my listing at any time?

12. How long before my home will be on MLS and the Internet?

13. Is a photograph of my home taken? Will the photograph be on MLS and the Internet?

14. What happens when I receive an offer on my property?

15. What happens when my property has sold?

16. How do I list my home with The Realty Dot?