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Press Release 9/30/2008
Contact: The Realty Dot
Tel: 877-267-0349
Website: www.mlsyourway.com

With the Economy On a Rapid Downturn Many People Struggle to Sell Their Homes and Still Make a Buck

With a real estate market slowly crumbling, many of those selling their homes are facing a dilemma. Struggling with the choice of hiring a real estate agent and paying a hefty commission or taking their chances with the ever-growing, but still unstable “FSBO” (for sale by owner) market, sellers are often left at an impasse. However, one company is ready to meet the seller half-way.

The Realty Dot, Inc., a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage, offers a service where sellers can list their homes on the Realtor’s® Multiple Listing Service (The MLS). The MLS is responsible for over 90% of all real estate sales and where, in turn, Real Estate Agents search for properties for their qualified buyers. The Realty Dot’s service allows sellers to be listed on the MLS for a flat fee (starting at $199) and then offer a commission to only the agent representing the buyer. The seller chooses the commission rate that he or she wants to offer (usually 1-3%). By doing this the property owner saves half in fees of that of the traditional listing with 6% commission (3% to seller’s agent, 3% to buyer’s agent). This adds up—the typical home seller saves $10,000. Of course, the seller is still free to sell his or her property without a buyer’s agent and without paying a commission.

From customers the Realty Dot has been called “...a breath of fresh air.” A customer in Arizona wrote: “The Realty Dot, Inc. has been a life saver! Our home is now sold due to your services. I would recommend your company to anyone interested in selling their own home.”

However, The Realty Dot is a little known secret in the real estate industry. “The biggest challenge we have right now,” says Joel Estrada, CEO, “is that many home sellers do not know that they can be listed on the MLS for a Flat Fee. They are not aware of all the options that they have when selling a home or property. But, the secret is definitely getting out,” states Estrada, “More and more sellers are finding us and are thrilled to be able to save so much money in today’s challenging market.”

And they are, indeed, growing. Since its establishment in 2001, the Realty Dot has placed 20,000 listings on the MLS and is currently active in twenty-six states nationwide with plans to be in all fifty by 2011.

More information on The Realty Dot’s rates and policies can be found at www.mlsyourway.com or by calling The Realty Dot toll free; 877-267-0349.

For more information or an interview with a Principal from The Realty Dot please call at 877-267-0349 or email: info@mlsyourway.com